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Home » WoW Wee Products Review by The Herban Couponer

WoW Wee Products Review by The Herban Couponer

WoW Wee Products Review by The Herban Couponer

One Taste Will Have You Screaming – WOW WEE!!!

WOW WEE Dipping Sauce is a great all-around sauce that can be used to enhance any food; even though, it is most widely used to dip boiled crawfish. The original WOW WEE Dipping Sauce is amazing, to say the least, but Wow Wee has added a second product to the family called Wow Wee Spicy Cajun.

The Spicy Cajun sauce has the same great taste as our original, but is made for those of you who like it hotter in the kitchen.WoW Wee Dipping

Sauce provides an alternative to your everyday condiments, that you normally place on your burgers, fries, onion rings or fish.  You can even use it to make potato salad or even tuna fish, for an extra kick.

They don’t just offer one sauce that will hook you, they have four delicious sauces with unique flavors that will keep you coming back and dipping for more.

The Product

WoW Wee Dipping Sauces is owned by Charlie Comeaux, Lois Comeaux, Celeste Griffin & Tony Griffin. Two couples who are friends and family, getting into the business of ensuring that sauces and condiments are no longer filled with bland items and ingredients.

When they had the opportunity to make a quality product that could incorporate Louisiana Cajun tradition then they hopped on the opportunity!

The company is U.S. made, with U.S. products, directly in their home state of Louisiana. They are a small company, who learned through trial and error, how to make the best sauce that consumers (and they) will love and stand behind. 

WoW Wee Dipping Sauce tries to use all-natural ingredients in all of their product, minimizing any additives, aside from what is necessary for shelf life and sustainability.

Here are the great flavors that WoW Wee is offering:

WoWWee Original Dipping Sauce
WoWWee Spicy Cajun Dipping Sauce
WoWWee Original Tarter Sauce
WoWWee Spicy Cajun Tarter Sauce 

The Review

I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with one of the owners of WoW Wee sauce, Tony Griffin. He is an amazingly gentle and funny person. You can immediately tell that the WoW Wee company is his passion, his “baby” and he cares about his product.

I got that immediately and found out that even though I’m a general “city” girl, we had much more in common than even I expected, with the loving reminder of Creole and Cajun family members in the Bayou of Louisiana.

That is pre-Katrina.  Many family members were displaced from their homes and had to move to states with other family members – Texas, DC, Georgia and others. It was a reminder of home, family and the unifying factor of a southern comfort… food.

It had been a few years since I heard someone speaking of mustard in tarter sauce, that isn’t something that is known very much outside of the sauce. Neither are the terms crawdads or boudin rouge.

All Southern Cajun cuisine that is mmm, delicious. Along with the love of Cajun cuisine from my childhood visiting relatives, is the love of condiments. There isn’t really a condiment that I don’t love.

Whether it is Miracle Whip, mustard, ketchup or even wasabi sauce, I am finding a use for it. So are my children and my husband is the same way. He is more of a BBQ man.

He puts barbeque sauce on just about any type of meat that you can think of. And if he isn’t putting barbeque sauce on it, then he is putting some combination of bbq and another sauce, whether it is Heinz 57 or A1.

What he does have a tendency to stay away from is any kind of creamy sauce. He is the only one in the family that doesn’t like mayonnaise, ranch dressing or creamy vinaigrette.

If I thought there was going to be an issue with the creamy WoW Wee sauces, I thought it was going to come from him. Imagine my surprise when he came back for seconds and thirds to, not just the Spicy Cajun WoWWee sauce but the original.

He especially was fond of the Tarter sauce (I would like to say my deep fried fish had something to do with it also *wink*).

Upon opening the box, I received immediate requests from my children exactly what we are cooking and how we are cooking them. We just had to find the exact time to do it. So over the Independence Day weekend, we took advantage of the beautiful sun, great warm weather and took to grilling.

We made WoWWee Cajun BurgersWoWWee Grilled Chicken and Batter Fried Fish.
(click the names above for the recipes)

My family loves a lot of spice. On a scale of 5, we are in the 3.5 – 4.5 in appreciating heat range. Hands down the Cajun WoWWee Dipping Sauce and Cajun WoWWee tarter sauces were a hit.

For others who may not like the tang of cayenne pepper, the original WoW Wee sauces  will be a perfect addition to your plate. We all enjoyed the Original tarter sauce for our fish and the adults and older children opted for the Cajun tarter.

I can easily see myself replacing much of our normal condiments with the WoW Wee sauce lines. They are really THAT good. And they are inexpensive.

You can order the sauces directly from the website for only $3.99 for the Dipping Sauces and only $2.49 for the Tarter Sauce. If you purchase them in a Combo package, you save even more!

You know with WoW Wee that you are getting a quality product from a down-home company that cares about its customers.

They are always open to suggestions and appreciate the feedback from their fans and customers. They have made full-time fans and long-time customers out of my family!

Click the links to learn more about WoW Wee Dipping Sauce on their: 





WOW WEE Dipping Sauce can be found in many locally owned stores across Central and Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. So keep your eye out or just ask around the grocery stores near you for Wow Wee Dipping Sauce.

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