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About Us

Welcome to WOW WEE LLC, home of the beloved WOW WEE Dipping Sauce. We’re thrilled to share our story and passion for flavour with you.

At WOW WEE LLC, we believe that every meal deserves a little extra wow factor. That’s why we created WOW WEE Dipping Sauce, a versatile condiment designed to elevate any dish.

While it’s most famous for enhancing the flavour of boiled crawfish, our sauce is equally delicious with seafood, meats, vegetables, and more.

Our journey began with the original WOW WEE Dipping Sauce, a recipe that’s been passed down through generations.

Made with the finest ingredients and a blend of secret spices, our sauce delivers a unique combination of tangy, savoury, and slightly sweet flavours that keep our customers coming back for more.

But why stop at one flavour sensation when you can have two? That’s why we introduced WOW WEE Spicy Cajun, a fiery variation of our classic sauce.

Made for those who like a little heat in the kitchen, our Spicy Cajun sauce packs a punch without compromising on taste.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the kitchen. We take pride in sourcing our ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible, supporting our community and ensuring that each bottle of WOW WEE Dipping Sauce is made with care and integrity.

You can find WOW WEE Dipping Sauce in many locally owned stores across Central and Southern Louisiana and Mississippi.

Keep your eye out for our distinctive label, or simply ask around at your favourite grocery stores โ€“ chances are, they’ll be proud to carry WOW WEE on their shelves.

WOW WEE LLC is a family-owned and operated business, founded by Charlie Comeaux, Lois Comeaux, Celeste Griffin, and Tony Griffin.

Our shared love of great food and Southern hospitality inspired us to bring WOW WEE Dipping Sauce to kitchens everywhere, and we’re delighted to share the taste of Louisiana with you.

Thank you for choosing WOW WEE LLC. We hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we enjoy making them for you.

For inquiries, collaborations, or just to say hello, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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