The plane ticket upgrade option most U.S. airlines don’t offer

Many airline passengers argue over reclining seats in the knees, groups of people seeking to transfer rows, and overhead cabin disputes. 

Many international airlines now offer seat upgrade auctions as a more polite approach to compete.

Passengers are notified about seat upgrades by email a week before a flight. Credit card information and a bid are required to participate. If their

bid wins, their card is charged and their seat is upgraded, generally at a substantial discount from the original purchase.

Though the notion has spread worldwide, U.S. airlines are mostly an exception. Spirit Airlines provides SeatBid upgrades to its Big Front Seat,

situated at the front of the plane. None of the other major U.S. carriers hold upgrade auctions. 

Zack Griff, senior aviation writer for travel site The Points Guy, believes major U.S. carriers are considering the practice's pros and cons as

upgrades are built into their revenue model. But the auction model specifically strains current upgrade offerings.

If you want extra legroom, premium economy, or business-class seats, most major U.S. airlines provide these. 

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