Reasons Why McDonald's Doesn't Serve Onion Rings

McDonald's Australia announced the addition of onion rings to its menus in early 2021, introducing the crispy side dish to its Australian locations for the very first time. 

During a limited time period, customers could request onion rings as a side with a Southern BBQ dipping sauce, or as a topping for the chain's Aussie Angus burger. 

But despite their brief appearance Down Under, onion rings haven't ever been a thing in McD's U.S. restaurants and one former McDonald's chef recently took to TikTok to clarify why. 

"If McDonald's could sell only one thing, that would be great for them, so they actually [...] have reduced choice and have reduced options, more specifically in the United States." 

Haracz also explained that if McDonald's introduced onion rings as a limited-time offer, fewer people would purchase its French fries, which are "extremely profitable" for the restaurant chain. 

"With onion rings, they would be selling a product that is much less efficient and profitable for them," he explained.

Haracz concluded his video by emphasizing that McDonald's makes such a profit on its French fries that the company would be reluctant to offer any side dish.

The chain even attempted "Fries n' Rings," a combination of two sides, in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida, earlier this summer.

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