How To Avoid These 9 Common Travel Mistakes

Sometimes I print paper, even though I'm conservative. Not that I distrust technology. I feel safer with printed copies, especially when traveling alone.

I discovered this on a European overnight sleeper train. I loved sleeping on the train and waking up in my new place.

Many credit cards levy foreign transaction fees. The costs add up! Get two cards without international transaction fees.

Always check if your credit card or car insurance covers rentals. Country-by-country coverage is common, so check.

Nowadays, car rental companies pre-check vehicles. Make defensiveness your norm. Photograph the car and identify any damage.

Traveling without expectations is difficult. We want a return on our vacation investment of money, time, and energy.

Thought this might be a good rock band name, when tight connection times are perilous. None of my friends have avoided this mistake.

Everyone should know about these limits by now. I forgot to take my little Swiss Army knife out of my carry-on. That was a tough lesson. 

I might not be paranoid, but I always know where my backpack is. It's best not to hang valuables off restaurant chairs, even at home.

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