9 Easy Updos You Can Recreate in 10 Minutes or Less

1. Messy Bun

Form a high or low ponytail and plait the hair into a loose bun. Utilize elastic bands and bobby pins to secure any stray strands.

2. Twisted Side Braid

Start a loose side braid by parting your hair to one side and braiding it loosely. Instead of crossing the strands over one another, twist each strand.

3. Half-Up Top Knot

Create a high ponytail with the upper section of your hair. Make a small plait with the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

4. Low Chignon

Gather your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck to create a low Chignon. The ponytail should be twisted into a chignon and secured with bobby pins.

5. Braided Headband

Take a tiny section of hair from behind the ear and braid it to create a braided headband. Bring the plait over your head like a headband and secure it.

6. Topsy Tail Bun

Create a low ponytail and create an opening above the elastic band using your fingertips. Flip the ponytail through the opening to produce an upside-down tail. 

7. Double Twist Ponytail

Create a Double Twist Ponytail by dividing your hair into two horizontal sections. The upper section is secured with an elastic band after being twisted.

8. Pinned Back Curls

Using bobby pins, secure the front sections of your hair back to create a half-up, half-down hairstyle.

9. French Twist

Gather your hair as if you were forming a low ponytail, but coil it upwards toward the crown of your head. The twist is secured with bobby pins.