9 Best Secret Costco Shopping Hacks Right Now


Avoid weekends at all costs

"I'm always itching to go by 8:30, but they all open at 10:00 and there's actually a line of people waiting. It's crazy!"


Save big with store-brand products

In its warehouse, Costco sells a wide range of goods, including many big-name brands. From groceries to other things for the house, you can find a wide range of choices at a range of prices.


Take advantage of discounted gift cards

Costco sells more than just food and items for the home. You can buy anything from jewelry to electronics, as well as new cars and holiday packages.


Hack the food court menu

Smart Costco member would enjoy any of these things on their own, but over the years, some creative people have come up with different menu hacks.


Don't skip the gas station

Many Costco warehouses have gas pumps right next to them that members can use. Costco is more than just a handy place to fill up your tank. It's also a great way to save money at the gas station.


Bring your own shopping bags

At Costco, buying in bulk is the only way to buy food. You're likely to buy more food than you would at your local grocery store,.


Download the Costco app

Costco should let its members know about new sales because it's in their best interest to do so. 


Seriously, get the rotisserie chicken

The famous grilled chicken for $4.99 is one of the most well-known. The price of a fully cooked chicken has been under $5 for years, which seems to be unaffected by inflation.


Call ahead to order your pizza

Many Costco members order slices or whole pies of pizza from the food court when they go to the warehouse. 

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