8 Least Stressful Jobs in the World


Step into the serene world of librarianship. Discover how the organized and quiet setting contributes to a lower-stress work environment for librarians.


Explore the least stressful job of being an audiologist. Understand how working in the field of hearing and balance contributes to a calm and focused workplace.

University Professor

Delve into the world of academia. Explore the relatively lower stress levels of university professors, focusing on research, teaching, and intellectual pursuits.

Graphic Designer

Explore the creative and visually oriented profession of graphic design. Understand how the artistic nature of the job contributes to a more relaxed work environment.

Environmental Scientist

Discover the least stressful role of an environmental scientist. Understand the focus on research and conservation, contributing to a purposeful and less stressful work environment.

Yoga Instructor

Shift to the serene world of yoga instruction. Explore the benefits of promoting health and wellness, contributing to a low-stress and positive work environment.


Step into the world of preserving historical records. Explore the calm and organized environment that archivists enjoy, contributing to a less stressful work atmosphere.

Technical Writer

Explore the least stressful job of being a technical writer. Understand how conveying complex information in a clear manner contributes to a more relaxed work environment.