7 Ways to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable If You Have Blister

1. Soak and Treat Your Feet.

A saltwater foot bath is one of the best things you can do at home to treat a blister. She says that after that, you should put on an antiseptic and sterile patch to make it easier to put on shoes the next time.

2. Choose the right footwear.

Choosing the right shoes can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are if you have blisters on your feet.

3. Use specialty insoles.

When you have a sore, it's important not to hurt yourself any more. That's why you need special boots.

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4. Try anti-blister socks.

Using socks that prevent blisters can also help ease the pain you feel after getting a blister and protect your foot from more damage.

5. Double up on socks.

That if you don't already have anti-blister socks, you can still get their benefits by, for example, putting two pairs of cotton socks on top of each other.

6. Apply protective products.

You'll also need to clean and cover the swollen area to keep it from getting infected or getting worse.

7. Avoid the shoes that initially caused the blisters.

Lastly, if you got blisters from a certain pair of shoes, you should never wear them again.


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