7 Simple Downsizing Tips for Baby Boomers

Don’t Rush a Decision

Don't rush things. Timing is important when it comes to shrinking, just like it is with everything else in life. However, you should never rush into important decisions like this one.


Moving is Expensive!

Sit down with your financial advisor, lawyer, or a trusted friend or family member to look at your finances.


Know Why You’re Downsizing

The purpose is important. Really understanding why you’re making this decision, is crucial.


Consider Your Family and Friends

Choose a neighborhood where it's easy for them to get to you, and if you don't drive anymore, make sure to pick a place with good access to public transportation if you don't have a car.


What Features are Important to you?

You can put things in a new house that will make life easy. For older people, it's important to have bars in places like the bathroom.


Health Care and Hospitals

Think about medical care and buildings. You probably have good relationships with your doctors, and you don't want to lose them unless it's truly necessary.


It’s Your Decision

Where you live is your decision but be sure to discuss it with the important people in your life.


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