7 "Mexican" Dishes No One Eats in Mexico


The maitre d' of a restaurant offered this bar food to a group of women who wanted to eat but couldn't because the restaurant had already closed for the night. 

Burrito Bowls & Taco Salads

Fast-food chains like Chipotle and El Pollo Loco have set the stage for a lot of the so-called "Mexican food" we eat today, which has a lot of American influences.


"Fajita" means "little strip." Despite the name, fajitas are practically as American as apple pie.

Chili Con Carne

"Chili with meat" is the literal translation, but this stew of ground beef, tomatoes, beans, spices, chili peppers, sour cream, and cheese is not Mexican at all.


You'll notice that Mexican food is Americanized with a generous application of molten or shredded cheese.


The year was 1922. The place Tucson, Arizona. Monica Flin, the owner of an eatery called El Charro, accidentally dropped a pastry into a deep-fat fryer.


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