7 Machine Exercises Trainers Swear By for Rapid Weight Loss

1. Treadmill Sled Pushes

If you want a hard interval workout, sled pushes, which involve running while pushing against resistance, are the way to go.

2. Smith Machine Inverted Rows

Rows are unbeatable to build strong back muscles, improve your posture, and, of course, burn calories.

3. Airdyne Bike

An Airdyne bike is a machine that lets you push against obstacles with both your legs and arms. .

4. Rowing Machine Intervals

The rowing machine is another great way to burn calories, but don't let the name fool you. 

5. Seated Cable Rows

One could argue that a cable machine is the best gym "machine." Because they use pulleys, they offer constant tension and resistance throughout an exercise.

6. Pull-Throughs

They teach you how to bend your hips in the right way while protecting your lower back, which you can use in almost any physical exercise.

7. Lat Pulldowns

Pull-throughs work your hips and hamstrings, which makes your legs stronger and more toned.

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