5 Healthy Daily Habits to Help Women Appear Ageless

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Aging is a beautiful and normal part of growing older. But some things about getting older are harder to deal with than others.

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It can be hard to deal with things like wrinkles, fine lines, gray hair, loss of lean muscle mass, less mobility, being more likely to fall and break something, and fighting to keep your freedom.

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But there are things you can start doing right now to make sure you age well and stay healthy as you get older.

Protect your gut.

Being mindful of your gut and ensuring good gut health is one of the major keys to longevity and should not be put on the back burner.


Consume a well-balanced diet

Maintaining a youthful, healthy skin glow is something many of us strive to achieve as the years pass by. 


Establish a structured skincare regimen.

Next up, Van Haagen suggests establishing a structured skincare routine that changes with the seasons (if necessary).


Ditch bad lifestyle habits, such as binge drinking and smoking.


Reevaluating your current lifestyle habits is a crucial step in making much better, healthier choices moving forward.

Add strength training to your workouts.


Last but certainly not least, stay active! Incorporating active hobbies into your day-to-day like kayaking, biking, hiking, yoga, and even dancing is a fun way to add more movement to your life.