5 Colors You Should Never Wear Together, Stylists Say

Pairing a little black dress with a camel-colored trench coat, blue jeans with a white T-shirt, or a navy sweater with gray chinos is a standard look for a reason:

The colors go well together. But while some colors go well together, others don't. That's why stylists say you should never wear some colors together.

1. Black and navy

Never put black and navy blue together, in part because they are both dark colors and are too close to each other.

2. Purple and red

Purple and red are called analogous colors because they are right next to each other on the color wheel.

3. Yellow and green

Yellow and green are both beautiful colors that can brighten up any outfit right away, but it's best to pick one or the other when putting together an outfit.

4. Brown and gray

Brown and gray is another color combination that doesn't have enough difference to make it look interesting.

5. Brown and yellow

Metallic gold can look beautiful with brown, but yellow doesn't always work. The colors can look muddy together, or the bright yellow can overpower the dull brown.


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