10 Toxic Habits To Kick That Will Drastically Improve Your Life

Carrying Blame

Blame is like a knot in a muscle. It builds up over time, and you can't see new things through the old blame. It makes walls and shuts you in."

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Talking Behind People’s Backs

"For a while, I didn't even know that I was doing this. Then I realized I had a big mouth. It was more like telling lies. 

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Trying To Please Everyone

I'm trying to make everyone happy. There are times when you have to, but it's also fine to know when to say no.

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Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol is very dangerous if you drink too much of it. Very expensive, very high in calories, very dangerous, and often a bother to others.

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Staying at Home

I need to leave the house more often and talk to other people. This gives me energy and helps me stay in a good mood and not be too lazy to run errands and do jobs every day.

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Staying up Late

I feel great when I wake up every day. My mind is clearer, I have more energy, and I don't need coffee, which keeps me from crashing later in the day.

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Not Drinking Water

"Both mentally and physically, I feel so much better. Even more so in the summer. Adding lemon or lime helps if you don't like water."

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Finding the Negative

"It's crazy how much things affect you when you say them out loud, whether they're good or bad.

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