8  Types of People To Avoid for a Happy Life

Emotional Drains

The hit show “What We Do in the Shadows” popularized the idea of an energy vampire. These folks have a way of sapping away all your energy, leaving you a worn-out husk of yourself.

No Accountability

Some folks think they can do no wrong. They constantly blame others for their mistakes and failures and refuse to believe they’re responsible so they never have to change.

Angry at the World

Who has time to be mad all the time? Avoid people who are constantly angry about some perceived grievance or another. They just want to be mad.

Big Talk

People who talk a big game rarely back it up. They skate by on their words, hoping people will ignore their actions.


If they’re talking about someone else to you, they’ll talk about you to someone else. Keep gossip at a distance and never tell them anything you don’t want everyone to know.

Misery Loves Company

People with fixed mindsets can’t fathom that others can achieve greatness. They’re miserable in their lives and will find any reason to bring others down to their level.


They view every relationship as transactional and will always make great efforts to get the better end of the deal.

Constant Victims

Everyone has awful experiences now and again. However, when someone constantly draws the short straw, you wonder if it’s them.