10 Mistakes That Cost You Money at Warehouse Stores

Not earning cash back

You should already know that there are many ways to get cash back when you shop online, including on the websites of trade clubs. 

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Assuming that you need a membership

You can buy a lot at a trade club without being a member, especially if you're willing to buy things online or shop with a friend or family member who is a member.

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Not planning your meals

Rice and pasta come in big, cheap bags that make bulk shopping seem appealing. And they're a great investment for families that go through these things quickly.

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Not reviewing the ads and deals

A lot of things in warehouse shops already cost less than they do in regular stores. Most warehouse clubs, though, offer even better deals.

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Not figuring out what you actually need

If you're going to buy that big pack of batteries, make sure you can use them all before they go bad. Batteries have an expiration date, just like many other things that are sold in bulk.

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Keeping things you don’t need

Before stashing or trashing it, check the return policy of the store where you bought it.

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Not splitting what you can

My family of three knows there are a lot of things we won't use that we buy in bulk. So, if there's a sale on something we want but it's too much for just us, we try to split it with someone else.

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Ignoring your household size

Bulk goods are meant to feed and care for a lot of people. So determine which products best fit your household.

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Forgetting your home’s space limits

If you don't have a place to store the extra, it's not worth it to buy bigger things in bulk. So think about how much space you have before you buy more.

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Not being flexible about your shopping list

Sure, eating the free samples at a grocery store is like having an extra lunch. But they could also help you choose better things to buy.

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