10 Fabulous Fall Hair Colors for Autumn 2023

1. Starlit Plum

Starlit Plum is a unique mix of deep purple and shimmering silver. It was inspired by the beautiful night sky. 

2. Copper Swirls

 This trend combines copper and honey-gold tones to make a swirl effect that looks like fall leaves.

3. Icy Caramel

By mixing cool and warm tones, Icy Caramel gives classic fall colors a fresh new look. 

4. Hidden Amethyst

Hair colors that look like they aren't there are all the rage right now, and Hidden Amethyst takes it to the next level. 

5. Smoky Lilac

As the name says, Smoky Lilac is a soft lavender color with smoky grey undertones. This sophisticated color choice is soft and stylish.

6. Frosted Espresso

Frosted Espresso is a great way for brunettes to step up their style. Adding depth to dark hair, chestnut and auburn swirls are great for a fall makeover.

7. Pumpkin Spice Ombre

Pumpkin Spice Ombre combines warm cinnamon tones with creamy latte tones to make a look that is both cute and fun.

8. Gilded Maple

Like the shiny leaves of a maple tree, Gilded Maple adds a touch of glamour to your fall look with highlights of gold and amber woven into dark brown hair.

9. Harvest Moon Balayage

Harvest Moon Balayage: This beautiful balayage brings out the magic of the harvest moon.

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