10 Extreme Things Only People Who’ve Truly Been Poor Have Done to Save Money

Poor Man’s Dinner

A sad number of people knew that going to bed was a poor man's food. It's the most popular answer, which is sad. Also, someone said, "Taking a deep breath for lunch was my go-to."

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Drinking Unfiltered Tap Water

Some people showed how ignorant they were by thinking that the person didn't live in America before they volunteered, that they lived in low-income housing in New Jersey, and that there isn't clean water in many places in the states. 

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Using a Gas Stove to Heat Apartment

A renter said that they had a 500-square-foot flat that they heated with a gas stove because the gas was included in their rent. DO NOT DO THIS! 

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One Bedroom For the Whole Family

One man admitted that he rented out a room to a friend and then moved his wife and three kids into a single room to save money when they were poor.

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Living In Darkness

Several people in the thread admitted to turning everything off and living in darkness to avoid high energy bills.

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Bacon Grease Candles

One man said that when his power was turned off, he learned how to make candles out of bacon grease.

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Living In Car for Savings

A sad number of people said they were saving money for a place to live by living in their cars. Many gave time frames of one month, four months, six months, and eight months.

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Dumpster Diving

They talked about how restaurants and bakeries have to throw away food that could still be eaten, and how much money they saved by eating out of trash.

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Withdrawing Paychecks Immediately

Many people had to rush to the ATM at midnight to take out all of their paychecks before their creditors could get their hands on the money. 

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All You Can Eat Buffet

Someone finally told him that he could save money and not go hungry if he went to the restaurant right before 4 p.m. for a late lunch/early dinner. 

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