10 Effective Time Management Habits for a Successful Career

Make a Plan

Having a plan for which tasks are most important, how they should be done, how to handle your calendar, meetings, project plans, etc.

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Start Early

Start your day early to get the most out of it. Most people who are successful get up early and work out for a few minutes before going to work.

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Create a Priority List Rather Than a To-Do List

Think about what needs to be done and prioritize the most critical tasks.

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Breakdown Every Task Into Small Chunks

Focus on what you want and set smaller goals that will help you get there. Put all jobs that go together into smaller groups that are easy to handle.

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Practice Decision Making

The real key to managing time is what we do with the 24 hours we have each day. One of the best ways to handle time is to be able to make good decisions about it.

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Delegate tasks

Delegating jobs is a way to make sure that things are done right. Learning how to delegate is a key part of learning how to handle your time well. 

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Set SMART Goals

Set goals that are clear, measurable, attainable, practical, and can be reached in a certain amount of time. Be clear about the results you want to get, and give yourself the time you'll need to get there.  

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Set Up Deadlines

Set goals for getting things done that are reasonable and stick to them. Try to give yourself a deadline before the due date so you can take care of other things that might get in the way.

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Be Mindful of When You’re Going Off-Track

Putting things off hurts output and causes time and energy to be wasted. When we're busy or bored, we tend to put things off. 

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Minimize Distractions

Anything that takes your attention away, like emails, calls, or social media, can cause you to lose focus and do less work.

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