10 Childhood Dreams That Are Now Huge Disappointment in Adulthood

Eating Whatever You Want

“Believing I’ll get to eat whatever I want every day! You also have to pay for it and cook it yourself!”

Not Having a Bedtime

“Yes. Because, let me tell you, not having one is pure chaos. The next day, you'll feel bad, and guess whose plans will get messed up because of that? "It's yours."

Having My Own Money

Several women in the thread agreed that they thought it would be much cooler to be an adult with their own money.

Getting Mail

"When I was a kid, I thought it was so cool to get mail. But now that I'm an adult, I know it's just bills. A lot of other people pointed out that it's not just the bills, but also the crazy amount of junk mail and sales pitches.


"Vacations," said a second person. "I had no idea how frightening it would be to think about taking one.

Having a Job

Many women agreed that when they were kids, they thought having a job would be cool, but "they suck."

Sick Days

"It's terrible for an adult to miss work. You stay home all day because you feel awful, and chores and work pile up because you can't move.

Living Alone

"Living alone," said one. "It's bad. I'm so bored, lonely, and sad." A second person said, "I didn't agree with you.

Private Landline Phone

In the 1990s, a girl at my school had her own private lines and one of those clear plastic phones, which seemed so cool and grown-up!

Nap Time

Not having a set nap time every day. I used to hate feeling like I should take a nap.

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