Here are some on the Great things Consumers are saying about WoW Wee Dipping Sauce;

Virgina Ragan from Jeanerette, La. writes:

“We ate chicken nuggets and french fries the other day and used your Wow Wee Dipping Sauce with it…. Ooooh it was yummy!!!!!!

Kay Louviere Frost from Shadyside, La. writes:

Just tried Wow Wee Dipping Sauce on my turkey bacon, and egg sandwich. It was really good! Thanks for the idea.

Tommy Picard from Abbeville, La. writes:

Had some with fried shrimp and fish……AWESOME!

Gina Dantin Lombas from Larose, La. writes:

“I finally bought some Wow Wee Dipping Sauce from Rouse’s Market. It was great with our boiled crabs on Friday. Will definitely buy some more!”

Lisa Dantin from Charenton, La writes:

“I love your Wow Wee Dipping Sauce! I use it on sandwiches, fries, for anything fried or boiled. It’s awesome and saves me the trouble of having to take out numerous items to make my own dip. Tony & Celeste are very good people that I have had the pleasure of visiting with twice. My name is Lisa Dantin and I am from Charenton, La. and I love it! Wow Weeeee!!!!”

Jimmie Durrant from West Monroe, La. writes:

“One bite of food with this dip will have you saying Wow Wee!!!!!”

Allison Trahan from Lockport, La. writes:

“I first tried Wow Wee Dipping Sauce at the Lockport fair and fell in love with it.”

Sheila Borne Lasseigne from Cut Off, La. writes:

“My son eats this with everything. He even puts it on pizza!”

Kiki Walker from Lafayette, La. writes:

“OMG!!!! I love this stuff!!!!”

Jan Comeaux from Bayou Corne, La. writes:

“It’s awesome on fried fish and shrimp. You will never use ketchup again! Also goes well with steamed veggies, and cauliflower is the best.”

Tabby’s Pantry Review:

I got the chance to try this dipping sauce this week. It really lived up to its name.

When I opened it up and smelled it I had to try it on snack foods i.e., hot wings, potato skins, French fries.  I could not begin to describe the flavor there are so many in this one it was wonderful.  I could sware that the flavor of the sauce changed just a little with each different thing we dipped in it.  Don’t get me wrong I am not saying it tasted completely different with each item I am saying I could taste a little something different come out when we pared it with different items.

I truly think this is a great tasting dipping sauce.  I have seen from there facebook page a lot of people use it with fish which will be our next experiment with it.  Now for my warning unless you would like a very hot experience I would pair the original with the hot wings. I of course had to dip my first bite of extra spicy hot wings with the Cajon and wooo hooo. This mama needed some water.lol

I used the original with the rest of the wings and it was perfect calmed down the spiciness perfect with giving a little more flavor.  Lesson for this review don’t always buy the spice’s hot wing you can find and just in case you do make sure you have some wow wee dipping sauce around to help save the flavor.

This is a great product to have around the house to give any food a little extra kick of flavor.

Original Review at:  http://tabbyspantry.com/wow-wee-dipping-sauce.html

BlastZoneOnline Submitted:

Interview With Tony Griffin & Review Of Product

Interview Done By Michael Wilkerson

MW: Tell me about how your product came about?

TG: The recipes for our sauces are a generations old family recipe that’s been handed through our family. About a year ago my niece, Lois Comeaux and her husband Charlie, decided to start manufacturing and bottling our sauces.


MW: How many different lines do you have?

TG: Right now, we have two different sauces, our original Wow Wee Dipping Sauce and our Spicy Cajun Wow Wee Dipping Sauce.


MW: Do you have other products coming out?

TG: Yes. Shortly two more sauces are to hit the market. Our Wow Wee Tarter Sauce and our Spicy version, with more in the development stages.


MW: What is your best selling product?

TG: Our bestselling sauce is our Spicy Cajun Wow Wee sauce.


MW: Where can consumers find your product in the store?

TG: Most stores keep our product on the condiment aisle. If the store has a seafood department they keep it there as well. We are mostly in locally owned independent supermarkets.


MW: Can consumers purchase it from a website?

TG: Yes. We just went live with www.wowweedippingsauce.com.


MW: Do you participate in trade shows?

TG: Yes, as a matter of fact, we just participated in the Associated Grocers Fall Food show.


MW: How did it go for you?

TG: It was absolutely fantastic! We met a lot of great people and we were able to stock our products in many more stores. I would recommend attending these food shows Because you meet many retailers that you would not have had the opportunity without attending.


MW: What do you see in the future for your company?

TG:  Well, in the immediate future we will be coming out with two more sauces as I have mentioned before, but we have also purchased a building and equipment to manufacture our sauces in our own facility. Right now, we go to Edible Enterprises. They are a food business incubator that helps people get started in the food business. They have all the equipment that you need to make your product until your company reaches the point where you need to looking for easier and more cost effective ways to manufacture and bring your product to market. Wow Wee Dipping Sauce is at that point now. We will also be able to manufacturer other people’s product, called co-packing or private labeling. It’s really a huge investment, but something we feel will pay off for us in the long run.


MW: What would you like to say in closing?

TG: For starters, we would like to thank you Mike, for sampling our product, and for interviewing our company. As I said before, this a generations old family recipe and if you’re not from southern Louisiana, I can just about guarantee you have never tasted anything like this before. It’s very unique in it’s flavor and texture. You can keep up with us on Facebook with what’s going on with our company and of course you can visit our website. Thanks Mike.